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Our therapists offer a big variety of body treatments, together they represent worldwide massage knowledge along with the deeply rooted cultural history and wisdom that lies within. All our therapists draw on intensified studies and internationally acknowledged certificates.

The price for a 1 hour session with any of our therapists is between €55-70€.

Some offer half an hour sessions, which cost around 30€-45€.

1,5 hour sessions are also a possibility with some of our therapists, costing around 75-90€.

Please ask the corresponding therapist for further information.


Nuad Boran is a traditional healing art from northern Thailand which in its early days found inspiration in Indian Ayurveda and the Chinese acupuncture. The massage technique is used to enhance the general functions of the body, from the tip of the toes to the bottom of the head. It helps the lymphatic system to get rid of the toxins and boost the blood circulation. It improves the joint’s flexibility and allows a deeper stretching, deeply relaxing the muscles and freeing them from pain and stiffness. Nuad Boran can also have benefits and calming effects on the mind, having positive results on insomnia, depression and burnout.

Option 1,5h massage: 70€

Option 1h massage: 50€

Contact Theodora: +351 910 139 392


Re.Move is about finding a solution to remove your muscular pains, postural changes and poor body habits through re-education and movement. It uses different manual techniques adapted to the needs that each body requires. Through movement works on listening, knowledge and awareness of one’s own body, fluidity of movement and focuses attention on the person’s needs. Breathing is another fundamental point in both massage and movement, helping to remain conscious, present, listening and relaxed.

Listening. Fluidity. Awareness. Presence. Breathing. Attention. Respect.

Therapeutic massage 1h – 55€
Therapeutic massage 1,5h – 70€
Massage Detox (Lymphatic drainage) 45/50 min 55€

Contact Giulia: m+39 3515254507


As a trained rehabilitation massage therapist Olga has profound knowledge of the human body structure and cannot only help you to deeply relax, but work with existing injuries. Furthermore, is she trained in children`s massage and preventive health care. We are amazed by her firm, yet so sensitive grip!

Choose your massage: Olga performs a relaxing massage using light movements in combination with lymphatic drainage procedures. Also does Olga perform of deep tissue massage, to improve the work of the muscles, using therapeutic massage techniques. The massages are performed with the use of oil. An individual approach to each client is a key part of Olga’s massage therapy.

Contact Olga: +351 911 804 282 


The king of Deep Tissue Sports Massage as we call him! Richard’s absolutely professional and strong hands will make your (and your sore muscle’s) day. As a Yoga teacher, ski instructor and swim teacher Richard has been studying the human body movement all over Europe, for many years. He integrates this deep body knowledge carefully and wisely into his blissful massage practice.

Massage Options:

  • Deep Tissue
  • Sports and Remedial
  • Swedish
  • Kiatsu (Japanese)
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Seated Acupressure

Option: 60mins massage: 55€

Contact Richard: +44 7723 029919


Deep Relaxation Massage with Ayurvedic Marma Therapy Long, relaxing strokes are combined with deep pressure on areas that need more attention, using warm sesame oil to nourish and soothe. Releasing anything that is stuck or sticky within, unraveling your knots and stimulating flow.

After the relaxation massage she moves into a more subtle, but deeper energetic level of releasing and relaxation, called Ayurvedic Marma Therapy. Marma means ‘secret point’, when these points on the face, neck, shoulders head and chest are pressed and held, it gives your body a chance to heal from the inside out, nourishing organs and releasing stress and emotions that have gotten stuck in your tissues. Your face is the map of your soul. You surrender effortlessly into a deep inner journey and rest. You will feel very present but also as if you were about to fall asleep, floating in this state nourishes your nervous system on a whole new level, one that you may have never experienced before. A state in which you can release anything that is stuck within you.

1 hour treatment € 55,- (focus on face, neck, head and chest)
1,5 hour treatment € 75,- (focus on face, neck, head, chest and belly)

Contact Lisanne: +351 913 415 736

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