The ancient wisdom of yoga

Be encouraged to develop your personal practice and take time to listen to yourself.

We selected a range of teachers working with various styles of Yoga practises so that you can pick what suits you best! The teachers we work together with are well trained and experienced and have studied with instructors, across the globe. Classes take place either in the teacher’s Yoga studio or you can exclusively book our Yoga Shala.

Not flexible?  New to yoga?  No problem!

Classes are suitable for all levels, newbies and yogis alike.  Whether you are seeking release for sore muscles after surfing or traveling, relaxation on your holiday or are simply curious, yoga offers the chance to check in with yourself and give your mind, body, and soul some extra love.


Looking for a yoga retreat space?

We offer you two beautiful spaces to book: one is right next door the Surf Yoga Portugal Shala, and the other one close by, in the middle of nature and overlooking the ocean, the Sal da Costa Shala. Please scroll down for more info and ask us for availability!

Sal da Costa Yoga Shala

In the middle of the green and with direct ocean view towards the peak of São Lourenço lies the #saldacostashala. You can exclusively book the shala for your private use. The space has approximately 70m2 and fits up to 16 yoga practitioners.

For retreat organizers: Please contact us for bookable options and prices!

Surf Yoga Portugal Shala

Right next door and in less than 1 min walking distance from our Guesthouse you will find this great energetic space fully equipped with all the props needed such as: mats, blocks, straps, cushions and eye pillows!

Find the location of the Surf Yoga Portugal shala here.

For retreat organizers: Please contact us for bookable options and prices!

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Join the daily Yoga classes (1h30)

Please make sure to book your spot here and where it says Note, add our PROMO-CODE: ERICEIRASOULSURFERS in the

Find the location of the Surf Yoga Portugal shala here.

Morning class: 8am to 9.30am  

  • Monday: Hatha
  • Tuesday: Vinyasa
  • Wednesday: Hatha
  • Thursday: Vinyasa
  • Friday: Hatha
  • Saturday: Vinyasa
  • Sunday: Hatha

Evening class: 6pm to 7.30pm

  • Monday: Yin
  • Tuesday: Restorative
  • Wednesday: Yin
  • Thursday: Restorative
  • Friday: Yin
  • Saturday: Restorative
  • Sunday: Yin


She is one of the teachers at our neighbour’s, Surf Yoga Portugal. Lisanne practices Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Pre- and Postnatal Yoga. Her classes guide you into a calm and quiet state, in which you are deeply in touch and at ease with yourself. You will move slowly and without any rush, from one asana into the next. You will stay connected to your breath and your inner being, to feel how you are, to feel the subtle energies shifting within.

Please don’t forget to book a spot in advance! Contact Lisanne: +351 913 415 736

See the schedule of her weekly classes and all other infos needed here: Lisanne’s homepage.

Copyrights: Lisanne – Unreval Ericeira


Catarina teaches Yoga Vinyasa Flow, Aerial Yoga and Conscious Movement. She says: “Movement is one of the tools that we have for self knowledge and healing”. Catarina will guide you through the movement to find your unique expression, with a special focus on the breath. Try her Aerial Yoga classes which take influence from traditional Yoga poses. “It is a powerful, but at the same time playful way to practice Yoga”, says Catarina. This practice improves flexibility, strength, balance and it is very good to decompress the spine! “We can explore difficult postures in an easy way whilst experiencing the sensation of freedom in our body”, knows the well experienced Portuguese teacher and first woman to teach Aerial Yoga in Ericeira. Aerial Yoga is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Contact Catarina Mota: +351 964 693 067

Catarina’s Instagram:

Copyrights: Catarina – Yoga Fusion
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