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Ericeira is a WORLD SURFING RESERVE, with high class waves: they come with strong currents, heavy water loads, sudden changes of conditions, gnarly bottoms (rocks, reefs, sea urchins etc.), strong winds, rip curls, huge tide differences…

Only go on your own if you are experienced

and can read the ocean! If you are a beginner, let the experts guide you, be safe and have tons of fun!

BTW: Renting gear is pretty much the same price then going for a surf lesson!

We work together with Ericeira’s most experienced surf schools.

They offer group and private lessons. For our advanced surfer guests training & guiding are alternative options!

Prices of group-lesson start at 35€-40€, including beach transfer, insurance & gear. The groups are composed of max. 6 students per instructor. Sessions usually take 2-3 hours, depending on conditions (incl. warm-up).

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Ericeira Surf School

is owned by Michele and Miguel, two Portuguese surf legends! It was those guys who introduced the sport when nobody around even knew what surf was. From the late 60s up to now M&M have been  professional surfers, advisors and most of all: surf lovers! Great school, with quality teachers and a technical approach.

Check your options here:

Reservations with Michele: +351 915 520 635

Or Miguel: +351 917 631 151

Personal Surf Training

is what we recommend to those who want to seriously improve their surfing! Both of the indicated surf schools offer surf training and guiding.

If you want to dive into the local surf scene connect with one of Ericeira’s best young pro-surfers, Arran Strong! He puts a special package together for you, defining objectives and using video analysis. Prices depend on package options.

Book with Arran: +351 910 759 410

Learn more about Arran’s special history:



Ericeira SUP

offers sessions for beginners, intermediates and advanced levels.

Tip: If you are a beginner, try the River Experience or the World Surfing Reserve Tour and get to know Ericeira from a whole different perspective!

River Experience/ World Surfing Reserve Tour: 90 min/ 40 €

Surfing Waves: 90 min/ 120 €

Check all options here:

Contact Michelle: +351 915 520 635


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Board Rentals

  • 58: all boards. 👉🏽 Close to Guesthouse!
  • LEA: beginner/ intermediate boards.
  • Rentals on the beach:
    • Ribeira d’ilhas 👉🏽 Close to Guesthouse!
    • Foz de Lizandro.
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