Should you rent a car when visiting Ericeira, Portugal

Public transport in & around Ericeira

Public transport between Lisbon and Ericeira works well! Buses go pretty much every hour (some slower or faster), but the journy might take 3-4 hours in total. Find infos here. Taxis, Uber and Bolt are a faster alternative and prices are moderate, especially if two ore more people. Click here for Aiport Shuttle Service, definitely the safest option!

Public transport in & around Ericeira is rather scarse! But Taxis, Uber & Bolt are running everywhere and as distances around town are short, it’s doable! Watch out for high season as you might be waiting for your ride and getting the occasional Uber-cancellation: Booking a Taxi is definitely more reliable. Find local Taxi drivers here.

Beaches, shops & restaurants are in walking distance of EriceiraSoulSurfersGuesthouse, but there is a lot more to see and do! Ericeira covers more than 4 kilometers of stunning water front. Besides the many beaches, you could go sightseeing  or wine-tasting, only to name some examples for why renting a car might make sense for you. Bikes, E-bikes or scooters can be the right alternative too!

☝🏽So let’s define your holiday plan & then see what the most comfortable way for you to get around will be:

Beach potatoeing or adventure: what’s your holiday plan?

There is no need for you to hire any transportation if you’re planning on staying put! Your goal is to make it from our pool to the beach & back and go for the occasional dinner or food shopping? Surf schools offer beach transportation if you are taking lessons. Taxis, Uber and Bolt help with one or the other trip to Ericeira’s beaches & town center if your legs are tired. Lisbon and Sintra can easily be reached by public transport!

A car makes sense if you are coming with your family and kids, or if you are an advanced surfer and plan to get to know as many surf spots as possible on your own, if you are into sightseeing & getting to know our region, see the monster wave in Nazaré or such. Rent a car if you come in off-season: Between November and March, when the weather can be unpredictable and mornings & evenings are cold a scooter is probably not the best choice!

A scooter, bike or e-bike is useful for managing shorter distances, such as visiting  beaches & maybe a vineyard. If you are of a rather sporty nature (and don’t take too many tiring surf lessons) lots can be done this way!  Just plan in a bit of extra time for the path & make sure you dress warm! Check your  E-bike or scooter here!

Rent a car in Lisbon or Ericeira: What you need to know

Most car rental options are at or around Lisbon airport where it’s usually also cheapest. Make sure to hire with serious online providers, such as Europcar or Sixt. We’ve heard from past guests that the cheap platforms sometimes charge doggy extra insurance that is of no value! We like these rental platfrom: Zest Car Rental and

☝🏽 Always make sure to book your car as early as possible as prices are then usually cheaper!

☝🏽Can I drive in Portugal with a US license?


☝🏽Interested in specific Infos on renting a car for Ericeira & around? Read this page!

Are there Cheap Car Rentals in Ericeira?

You can rent cars in Ericeira, prices vary but are usually higher than at Lisbon Airport. These are some local providers:




The advantage of local providers: It can be quite nice to take a shuttle & not have to drive right after getting off a plane in a new country, especially because the rental process at the airport usually takes at least an hour!

Click here for booking your airport shuttle. Prices are at around 50-60€.