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Portugal offers world quality wines!

Red, white, rose, Vinho Verde, sparkling (espumante) or even port wine (Vinho do Porto), fill your glass and enjoy!

Whilst Alentejo (south) and Douro (north) are the best known Portuguese wine regions, the outer north-western Lisbon area (rota do vinho oeste Portugal) is still a well kept secret. Discover for yourself what sommeliers and vintners alike know already; enjoy premium and distinguished wines accompanied not only by good food, but splendid architecture and magnificent landscapes. Here are our recommendations for the best vinyard visits and wine tastings very close to Ericeira, even reachable by bike.

Quinta de Sant’Ana

This traditional Portuguese vineyard – the Portuguese Hobbit shire as we call it – represents Portuguese history and tradition at its best. The small family run vineyard, just northeast of Mafra, offers an authentic experience of “Portugal in a nutshell”: the softly rolling hills of the vineyards, the century old historic, elegant buildings, the impressive ancient cellar, the tastings and the gourmet treats turn a visit to this winery into an interesting and highly entertaining event. 

Price: around €30/person. Availability on demand, make your reservation well ahead of time!

Louise: +351 962 214 438

Because of availability better let them know you are our guests.


One of the most modern vineyards in the world, AdegaMãe vineyard is settled in a beautiful countryside environment. You will be impressed by the minimalist building and its great design, the highly technological standard and of course: the good wines!

Visit the heart of the winery, get to know the white and red wine presses, the grandeur of the storage and fermentation tanks. Take a tour through the different stations of the wine production process and finish things off with a tasting while taking in the views of the vineyard.

Price: around €20 / person.

Tel.: +351 261 950 100 

Because of availability better let them know you are our guests.



Manz is located close to Ericeira, near the village of Cheleiros, where the winemaker André Manz discovered the almost extinct Portuguese grape “Jampal” and created something special: By focussing on quality (and not quantity) the Manz winery became famous for its “Dona Fátima”, the only wine worldwide which is made 100% of the Jampal grape. Because of its high quality and exclusivity this wine got ranked among the top 50 wines in Portugal!

Manzwine offers different tours to learn more about the process of harvesting and winemaking as well as different wine tastings. If you’re up for a more active style of wine tour you can rent a bike in Ericeira and cycle for 12km along the Lizandro River towards the Manz vineyard to finally treat yourself with a good glass of wine!

Price: starting from 20€

Tel. +351 21 927 94 68

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