Explore a medieval fairy tale town

Time travel and be a knight or princess, hear the horse’s hooves hitting the cobblestones in the many tiny allies. 🧙🏼‍♂️🧝🏽‍♀️ The beautiful and original kept town still has a complete castle wall that you can explore by walking: Enjoy the awesome views towards the valleys from up there!

☝🏽 Óbidos is the perfect place to buy your souvenirs: Choose from a variety of quality craftsmanship goods!

🚗 It’s an approx. 1 hour drive away from Ericeira. The cheapest and most scenic way to get there: take the national road (N247) to Torres Vedras. Then, take the A8 highway and get off directly at Óbidos, or choose to make stops inbetween: read further to find out about  awesome destinations on the way!

Bacalhôa Buddha Eden Garden

Experience breathtaking Asia, in Portugal

Close to Óbidos is this spectacular Buddha Garden: wonder amongst giant original Buddha statues, the famous terracotta warriors of Xian (the ancient Chines emperor’s army), pagoda towers, art installations and lakes with colorful Koi fish!

The 35 hectare big garden was created in an act of peaceful protest against the destruction of the world famous Buddhas of Bamiyan (or Bamyan), in central Afghanistan, in 2001. The owner of winery Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal (to find just next to the park’s entrance) imported many original pieces from Asia and created this garden of peace and tranquility.

☝🏽Our favorite time to visit is just before sunset, so this could be a nice stop on your way back from Óbidos.


The world’s second most modern winery

Settled in the harmonic rural countryside of Torres Vedras the strikingly modern minimalist architecture of the AdegaMãe vineyard building is not only making a strong statement, but completes your visual experience of perfection! Just driving by is already worth the visit as it is almost on your way to or from Óbidos! You might want to pick up a bottle of their quality wines in the shop or even stay a bit longer:

If you’re up for a wine tasting see our info here.


Peninsula of dunes, waves & breathtaking cliffs

Skip visiting the center of the industrial fishing town, but definitely drive around it and find spectacular look outs over the cliffs before heading over to Lagide, on the northern end.

Park the car in Lagide for 15mins, walk the loop passing by pretty fisherman’s quarters and get a glimpse of what the Nature Reserve of the Island of Berlengas looks like: About 2000 years ago the isles split off the mainland just here and are now to be found an approx. 1 hour boat ride away.

☝🏽If you wish to visit the islands we definitely recommend making it a day trip! The translucent waters and the flora and fauna of the natural reserve invite to snorkel and relax on the pristine beaches. The boat to take you there only goes out in summer and starts from the port in Peniche.

🏄🏽‍♀️For all those interested in wave riding: Supertubos is famous for surfers and bodyboarders worldwide and it’s the setting of the World Surfing League’s championship stop in Portugal which takes place every year in the beginning of October: worth seeing!


Monster wave & fishermen tradition

This old fishermen town is famous for its north shore wave which ranks amongst the biggest in the world, but Nazaré has much more to offer! Get to know the beautiful heritage around the square and close by the famouse lighthouse, be mezmorized by the ladies in their traditional dresses selling at street stalls and of course: go, check the fortress with it’s museum and see the spectacular wave riding at Praia do Norte.

☝🏽Whilst record size waves come between the month of October and April, seeing this natural wonder is something we recommend at any time of the year – there are almost always some waves to watch! If you want to see big wave surfing: come as early in the day as possible!

🍲 Eat at one of the lovely and hidden away restaurants with wonderful ocean view overlooking Nazaré’s historics center and the beach front: Sítio dos Petiscos and Taberna Afficion.

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