Ericeira’s Seafood Culture & what you should know


Food is deeply ingrained into Portuguese culture. The Saloio region, which Ericeira makes part of, is historically well known for the rich variety of local produce, from land and sea. The hearty fruits and vegetables, the fresh fish and meat, all of what you can enjoy today was destined for the king’s court not too long ago. So enjoy and pick many different places to collect the flavors of the region.


Whilst here, you should try the fresh ocean´s delicacies this magic place offers or at least get an insight into the colorful fisherman culture and history! It is really the essence and the origin of the local culture and the surf, as much as we love it, only came long after.

Ericeira’s harbour is one of the oldest in Portugal. For about 3000 years fishermen culture has evolved here. It all began with the Phoenicians installing their most western harbour in Ericeira during the eighth century BCE. But not only the harbour represents the local seafood culture. Watch Andrew Zimmermann’s brilliant Episode on Portuguese Food shot in Ericeira, with our friend and local Mena as his personal tour guide.

With his wolrd famouse show Bizzare Foods Andrew Zimmerman visited Ericeira to show the world original Portuguese Seafood Culture.


Pets not allowed

Inside restaurants and many cafes and bars. It is although usually ok to bring them to the terrasses.

How much tip should you give?

Portuguese do not give high tips. Please hold it with the locals and give something between 10%- 20%, but not too much more!

Starters served without asking

It’s good manners in Portugal for a restaurant to put starters on the table as soon as you sit down. Portuguese would even find it a bit odd if not rude when this does not happen! Know that you don’t have to eat the starters: if they stay untouched you won’t pay them. You can also just politely send them back, that’s no problem!

Lunch hour and daily plates

Portuguese take their time frames seriously when it comes to eating (and especially then;)! Lunch hour is from 12:00 to 14:30. On weekdays you will be able to choose between two or more daily plates in most places. They are usually much cheaper and come as a whole menu including a drink, coffee and a dessert if you wish (usually there is a price offered with and without dessert).

For all the fish-lovers

Monday no fish day! Since Sunday is the day of the lord, the fishermen don’t go out in their boats, but rest at home with their families. Hence it’s a good sign if a restaurant doesn’t offer fish on Monday: it means that they probably have fresh fish every day!

No fish in a sea food restaurant?

A seafood restaurant in Portugal does not necessarily offer grilled fish. Portuguese usually eat grilled fish at a place specialized in BBQing fish. In seafood restaurants on the other hand, you will find a big variety of shellfish and such and probably some of the delicious Portuguese fish stews like Cataplana and Feijoada.