Fishing, hunting, gathering & cultivating


Whilst here, try the fresh ocean´s delicacies this magic place offers or at least get an insight into the colorful fisherman culture and history! It is really the essence and the origin of the local culture and: the surf, as much as we love it, only came long after.

Ericeira’s harbour is one of the oldest in Portugal. For about 3000 years fishermen culture has evolved here. It all began with the Phoenicians installing their most western harbor in Ericeira during the eighth century BCE. But not only the harbor represents the local seafood culture. Watch Andrew Zimmermann’s brilliant Episode on Portuguese Food shot in Ericeira, with our friend and local Mena as his personal tour guide.

With his world famous show Bizzare Foods Andrew Zimmerman visited Ericeira to show the world original Portuguese Seafood Culture.