Discover stunning beaches, cliffs & walking trails

Along the waterfront and into the valleys of Ericeira

From Ribeira D’Ilhas to Coxos & S. Lourenço

A must whilst in Ericeira, a cliff walk you will never forget, a “natural” tour along our World Surf Reserve! Start at the beach of Ribeira dílhas and head north along the cliffs. Get amazing views, see natural pools at low tide (by cave) and some of the best surf spots in the area, enjoy peace and serenity!

Easy walking & short trip

Once you end up in Ribamar, after passing the rocky Coxos Beach, have a drink at Puro or Barzinho or get some lunch at O Pescador.

Longer & more adventurous trip

After passing the surf spot Coxos and then the beach of Coxos, head towards the Fortress of São Lourenço – and only if you don’t mind a few minutes of easy rock climbing involved: keep on walking and head towards the beach of São Lourenço. You will find a small and beaten walking path that at some point ends up in a rocky path. Just climb it! It takes you 5mins and you are at one of the most beautiful beaches of the Ericeira World Surf Reserve. You can choose to have a drink on the beach or to walk up the white steps and enjoy the treaties and the amazing view of Golfinho Azul Restaurant.


Foz do Lizandro Beach & Lagoon

Situated south of Ericeira, in the estuary of the Lizandro river, this beach is forming a far-reaching lagoon. It has a vast sand area, as well as a great hiking area into the lagoon. Foz do Lizandro beach offers several bars and infrastructures, such as rental boats that you can use to make a trip in the lagoon and SUP board rentals to flow with the river.


You can also choose to cross the river to the idyllic rocky south side and discover the beauty of that wild piece of land that. Hiking for about 15mins further south will bring you to magical São Julião beach. On your way you will find a little hidden and almost abandoned fisherman’s village: the perfect place for some artsy shots of Portugal!

From the fortress of Ribeira D’Ilhas to Ericeira

Before leaving, make sure to check the tides: you wanna do this walk at low tide when you can walk all the way from the fortress ruins at Ribeira Dílhas to Ericeira’s historic center, along the beach and on the reef! Cross the main road just north of the roundabout with the surfer and find the beaten track towards the fortress. Get some great pics at the fortress, then head towards the south, along the cliffs. After about 500m you will find a path taking you to Empa beach: from now on its beaches and reefs waiting for you to be discovered! Stop at the little trailer bar, at the parking of Matadouro beach (just under the Quiksilver/ Boardriders Store) for a drink!